Sunday, April 30, 2017

Environmental Pharm soil sample collection

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Environmental Pharmacology has been an interesting course. Dr. McLachlan has a lot of knowlege and enthusiasm for the subject. He has made us all aware of the multiple and extensive environmental estrogens that we are exposed to. 

One of the course lecturers, Professor Howard Mielke studies lead levels in soil around the New Orleans area, and we were invited to assist with his project. 

The assignment was to go out and collect three soil samples from a children's play area. I went to a small playground near downtown and collected my samples. 

During the class time, Dr. Mielke used a portable device to scan and detect lead levels from a few of the samples. My samples tested very low, and he hypothesized that the soil I collected was placed at the playground during a recent rebuilding project. 

This is are some pictures of the location I chose, and the three sampled spots.

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